Clinical Integration

Providers in the PPS have engaged in a number of transformational initiatives over the past five years in an effort to address realigning capacity. The Adirondack Region Medical Home Pilot, Health Home, and Adirondacks ACO are improving access to primary and preventive care. These initiatives have had an impact as evidenced by the trend in declining hospital occupancy rates since 2011.

The data show that there continues to be a need to build on these programs and increase access to primary care. The AHI PPS needs to breakdown the historical separation of these services is due to regulatory restrictions for sharing health information between these types of providers, the siloed nature of funding for these two streams of care, the different facilities in which they exist, and stigma related to behavioral health disorders.

A key strategy to address these issues is a stronger, more coordinated system of primary care integrated with behavioral health services. The PPS has 337 PCMH certified primary care practices so the building blocks for coordinated care already exist.

AHI PPS Clinical Governance Quality Committee

The AHI PPS Clinical Governance Quality Committee Charter details the committee’s responsibilities, committee composition, meeting structure, decision making and reporting.