DSRIP Projects

The AHI PPS selected eleven projects with participation from more than 125 partner organizations representing nearly 1,400 providers.


The NY State Department of Health (DOH) has valued our projects at nearly $187 million over five years. This performance based total value assumes all process metrics are achieved and all performance goals (both for PPS and statewide) are met. See PPS financing for specifics.

Implementation Plan, Quarterly Reports, Scorecards

The AHI PPS submits reports to the NY State DOH quarterly. Reports are posted upon DOH validation.

For information on Achievement Value, see Achievement Value Guide for Performing Provider Systems, January 29, 2016  from the DOH.

Innovations Funds

The AHI PPS has released a Request for Proposals for innovation projects. Funding is available to support projects that represent innovative approaches to the design, delivery and/or payment models for health care and related services. Successful projects will link strategies and interventions that will help to support and strengthen the success of one (or more) of the eleven AHI PPS projects. A total of $5.2 million has been allocated for Innovation Funds over the course of the DSRIP program.  AHI anticipates eliciting applications twice per year for innovation projects.

Letters of intent are due by October 28; full applications are due by December 9; January 13, 2017 is the estimated date awards will be announced; and February 1, 2017 is the estimated contract start date.


The DOH offers project support through its discussion and collaboration forum the MIX (MRT Innovation eXchange). Visit the Public DSRIP Project Group for more information.

More information

Find project details and resources by visiting individual project web pages.  Click the project name below for information.

See our DSRIP Project Plan Application submitted to the state.