Create a Medical Village Using Existing Hospital Infrastructure (2.a.iv)

Project Objective

Reduce excess bed capacity and repurpose outdated or unneeded inpatient hospital infrastructure into “medical villages” by creating integrated outpatient service centers to provide emergency/urgent care, as well as access to the range of outpatient medicine needed within the community. The medical village transformation will allow for new space to be utilized as the center of a neighborhood’s coordinated health network, supporting service integration and providing a platform for primary care/behavioral health integration. The proposed medical villages should be part of an “integrated delivery system” and be seen by the community as a “one-stop-shop” for health and health care.

Project Details

The PPS will create three Medical Villages to take advantage of existing infrastructure to realign health system capacity and support the behavioral health, substance abuse and outpatient services needed in the communities.

UVM Health Network—CVPH in Plattsburgh:

    – Renovate space to create an Adult Mental Health Unit and utilize vacated space for outpatient pharmacy services. Also, renovate unneeded hospital space to create a site for post-discharge outpatient Transitional Behavioral Health Services.

Moses Ludington Hospital in Ticonderoga:

    – Renovate space for stand-alone ER and outpatient care center

    • Focus: emergency care, pharmacy services, laboratory services and radiology testing
    – New addition and/or renovation for expansion of primary care services and behavioral health integration
    – Long term care services to be provided by a new owner and operator of Heritage Commons Residential Health Care

Glens Falls Hospital in Glens Falls:

    – New crisis stabilization unit within the Emergency Department

    • Focus: behavioral health crisis services for adults and adolescents

Patient Population

Total population.


Meeting Materials

Meeting date Medical Village Agenda Meeting Overview
April 15 Glens Falls Hospital Medical Village Agenda 4.15.16 Meeting Overview 4.15.16
April 18 Ticonderoga Medical Village Agenda 4.18.16 Meeting Overview 4.18.16
May 5 UVM Health Network – CVPH Medical Village Agenda 5.5.16 Meeting Overview 5.5.16