Strengthen Mental Health and Substance Abuse Infrastructure Across Systems (4.a.iii)

Project Objective

To collaborate with traditional and non-traditional providers to promote mental, emotional, behavioral (MEB) wellbeing.

Project Details

  • Participate in MEB health promotion and disorder prevention partnerships.
    • This is to be executed by forming a PPS-wide coalition and having sub-region partners in more focused work teams.
  • Provide cultural and linguistic training on MEB health promotion, prevention and treatment.
    • AHI PPS is looking to offer poverty training, trauma informed care training, SEDL (social emotional developmental learning) training, and cross training for medical and behavioral health providers.
  • Share data and information on MEB health promotion and MEB disorder prevention and treatment.

Patient Population

Total population.


Meeting Materials

Meeting date Meeting Overview
November 30, 2015 MEB Coalition Working Session Minutes 11.30.15