Increase Access to High-Quality Chronic Disease Preventative Care and Management in Both Clinical and Community Settings (COPD) (4.b.ii)

Project Objective

This project will help to increase access to high quality chronic disease preventative care and management in both clinical and community settings for COPD.

Project Details

The delivery of high-quality chronic disease preventative care and management can prevent much of the burden of chronic disease or avoid many related complications. Many of these services have been shown to be cost-effective or even cost-saving. Many New Yorkers do not receive the recommended preventative care and management that include screening tests, counseling, or medications used to prevent disease, detect health problems early and prevent disease progression and complications.

Patient Population

Any individual with or at risk for COPD.


COPD Training Materials

Training includes an overview of COPD and a review of the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disorder (GOLD) standards which includes diagnosis, management and COPD prevention to include evidence-based tobacco treatment.  Please contact Jill Rock at [email protected] to schedule a training.

Success Story

AHI Partner COPD Success Story

Meeting Materials

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