ALERT – Project Impact Matrix CORRECTION

The following is a CORRECTION to the definition of Actively Engaged for Project 2di. When completing the Project Impact Matrix, for Project 2di, the correct instructions and definition for Actively Engaged is as follows:

      Partners implementing PAM assessments ONLY – please complete the section below. All others – Leave Blank, continue to Projected Workforce Needs Section.

Projected Number of “Actively Engaged Patients”

In the white cells below, please enter the expected number of “actively engaged patients” for each quarter.  “Actively engaged” is defined as the number of individuals who completed PAM® or other patient engagement techniques.  Currently, PAM® is the only activation measure being considered for implementation in this project. For each quarter, report the projected number of patients who will meet the criteria during that quarter – do NOT add the count from the previous quarter, AND do not count any patient twice during the same measurement year even if they meet the criteria again later in the year. At the start of each DSRIP Year, the count resets to “0”; patients who met the criteria in year 1 CAN be counted again in year 2 if they meet the criteria during year 2.

Download Information

Please re-download, re-circulate the updated version.  See “DSRIP Project Impact Matrix – updated 3.17.16” at AHI PPS Contracting.


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