AHI PPS DSRIP Performing Provider System Initial Community Health Needs Assessment Summary

As part of the DSRIP planning and application process, the AHI DSRIP team is working to complete an in depth Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), one of the many requirements due to the NYS Department of Health.  An initial summary of some of the key data is included in this 45-page document titled DSRIP Data Presentation 11.25.14.  The needs assessment will be a comprehensive review of the health care delivery system within the service region including the AHI PPS DSRIP projects, network development, proposed governance, financial planning, and resources needed. The focus is on access, quality of care, and service utilization patterns.  The assessment provides guidance and goals for measuring the performance of the Performing Provider System (PPS) including reduction of preventable hospital admissions, emergency department visits, and 30-day hospital readmissions.  The executive summary of the final CHNA will be posted in this NEWS section of our site in December.

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