Need Help?

Call a 24-Hour Hotline:

Wellspring – 518-584-8188.
Planned Parenthood – 1-866-307-4086

Help and Support for Victims of Sexual Assault, Rape and 
Other Violent Crimes

Sexual assault, harassment, incest, molestation and rape are violent crimes. Through no fault of your own, control of your life was suddenly taken away. The after effects for you and your loved ones can be numerous. Assaults can be recent or a memory from years ago. Call a 24-Hour Hotline at 518-584-8188 or 1-866-307-4086 for assistance.

Should I seek medical attention?

Reasons to go to the emergency room

  • The treatment of any physical injuries (internal and external).
  • If the assault occurred within the last 96 hours; you can obtain testing and prevention medication for HIV and STDs.
  • Detection and/or prevention of pregnancy.
  • There is greater chance of evidence collection if you choose to report to the police.
    • Note: In most cases, the police will not be called unless you request it. The hospital will hold evidence until you are ready to make a decision.

Reasons not to go to the ER

  • It has been more than 96 hours since the assault.
  • If you know that you never want to report to the police- it may be more helpful to seek care from your primary care physician or gynecologist.

Call a 24-Hour Hotline at 518-584-8188, or 1-866-307-4086

Some questions you might be asking yourself:

Advantages to reporting

  • Evidence can be collected and the survivor can provide information while it is still fresh their memory.
  • It may be easier for police to find and question any witnesses.
  • Perpetrators may be found and apprehended quicker.
  • Holding a perpetrator accountable for what they have done may reduce the possibility of them re-offending.
  • You are eligible to apply for compensation through the Office of Victim Services.

Risks of reporting

  • It may be difficult for the survivor to repeat the story many times to the police and potentially in court.
  • The lengthiness of the criminal justice system process may delay the healing process.
  • The decision to prosecute an alleged perpetrator is that of the district attorney, so the victims may feel as though they have lost control.

If you are helping a friend or family member to make this decision, please help them process these options. Support will empower them to make the best choice for THEM. You can call us for more information. Our hotline is confidential and there’s someone to talk with 24/7. If you are the survivor of a crime and choose not to report to the police you may still be eligible for an order of protection against the perpetrator.

What can you expect in the days and weeks ahead?

You might have any of the following reactions: crying, shaking, laughing or perhaps you are silent and calm in order to manage your anxiety. However you react, it is the right way for you. Some people experience a loss of appetite, nightmares, uncontrolled crying, fits of anger, persistent anxiety, depression and/or feelings of vulnerability when outside of your home. You may have difficulty concentrating or constantly replay, relive and rethink the crime. These are normal responses to a traumatic event.

How can we help?

Call a 24-Hour Hotline at 518-584-8188, or 1-866-307-4086.

Important numbers in the event that you need to call the police or 
have a medical emergency:

  • Cambridge (518) 677-3044
  • Fort Edward (518) 747-2782
  • Granville (518) 642-1414
  • Greenwich (518) 692-9332
  • Hudson Falls (518) 747-4011
  • Whitehall (518) 499-1316

NYS Police and Sheriff’s Department cover all other areas
    • New York State Police Granville (518) 642-9455
    • New York State Police Greenwich (518) 692-3020
    • Washington County Sheriff’s Department Fort Edward (518) 746-2476
  • Glens Falls Hospital Emergency Department (518) 926-3000

If you are a minor and need more information about seeking counseling services or medical treatment please see

For more information about child sexual abuse, please visit: