The AHI Story

Building a Healthy Future Since 1987

Since 1987, AHI has been an independent non-profit Article 28 organization under New York State Department of Health regulations, supporting hospitals, physician practices, behavioral health providers, community-based organizations, patients and others in our region in sharing our vision and mission of transforming health care and improving population health.

We were originally founded as the Adirondack Rural Health Network (ARHN), a program to address the unique challenge of providing health care in a rural region. Eventually we grew and changed our name to the Upper Hudson Primary Care Consortium (UHPCC). When operating as the UHPCC, we provided the region with management and administrative support services, workforce recruitment and retention, network organization and development, health center establishment, and regional strategic planning.

In 2011, we became Adirondack Health Institute, a collaborative of three member organizations. We added a fourth member in 2014 and a fifth member in 2016. We built on our UHPCC foundation and worked with a large network of stakeholders to improve access to care and develop payment reform.

Relationships, Resources, and Expertise

With the changing health care needs of the region we expanded our offerings to include:

  • Collaborative relationships for the improvement of health in the Adirondack region and New York State.
  • Resources for our community partners as they expand coverage to our underserved region while also addressing rapid changes in the health care system.
  • Programs designed to help communities make their neighborhoods healthy places to live, work and play.


      With our expansion came results:

  • Improved patient and physician satisfaction;
  • Stabilized primary care system;
  • Specific gains in quality indicators;
  • Lowered costs by reductions in ER visits and inpatient stays.

Transition and Growth 

Just as we’ve been working to transform health care delivery, AHI has also been transforming. Within a 12-month span, we moved our main office to a new location and doubled the size of our staff in 2014-15.  This growth enabled us to support our region on a broader scale.

In 2015, we simplified our name to AHI and launched a user-friendly website that folds all our services and programs under one branded umbrella. This website allows us to expand education, communications and share the impact of health care reform and community services to the people in our region.

As national and international recognition grows, our challenges and health care opportunities also broaden. Our established and expanding community collaborations are instrumental to our success as we all work toward improving population heath.

Collaborative support allows us to act as a catalyst in our community.  We envision transcending regional boundaries on a mission to lower costs, improve care and realize a healthier future for our greater community.

AHI Timeline

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