PPS Financing

The AHI PPS is creating a financial structure that supports the financial sustainability of the PPS throughout the five-year DSRIP demonstration period and beyond. We are also responsible for allocating the performance payments among the participating providers in the PPS.

Valuation Award

We received a valuation award from the New York State Department of Health in the spring of 2015 for $186,715,496 to be distributed over a five-year period. The award is not a grant – it is performance-based, meaning the award amount is the maximum number we can receive for distribution based on our partnership’s ability to meet each project milestone and quality improvement goal. The AHI PPS is one of 25 awardees statewide.

  • The valuation award is based on 143,640 attributed patients in our region.
  • Award Management:
    • The AHI PPS Governance is a collaborative, shared governance model and will oversee award management.

Finance Committee

The AHI PPS Finance Committee Charter details the Finance Committee’s responsibilities, committee composition, meeting structure, decision making and reporting.

Finance Committee Members

Funds Flow

Award management

DOH funds flow to the PPS lead entity. The AHI PPS has the responsibility to manage the award for partners in our nine upstate New York/Adirondack counties. Any determination on distributions will be made by the PPS Governance.

The AHI PPS has the responsibility of ensuring that the DSRIP dollars benefit Medicaid beneficiaries and support the success of the health care delivery system under health care reform.

  • Partner funds flow from the governing body can occur when:
    • Governance is formalized, completed September 2015;
    • Partner contracts are in place;
    • Milestones are met.

 Contact Timeline 2016

  • Late March/Early April: Engagement Funds Distribution. First distribution, March 31, 2016.
  • Late April – June: Project Funds Flow

Meeting Materials


Visit our Resources page to view the Value Based Payment video produced by the NYS Department of Health.