Emerging Performing Provider Systems Request $76.2 million in Planning Funds; Capital Needs Estimated at $4.2 billion

New York State DOH received 50 DSRIP project design grant applications with budgets totaling $76.2 million and capital estimates reaching a total of $4.2 billion.  Budget requests for the one year planning period (the “project design grants”) range from $340,000 (Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley serving Delaware & Ulster Counties) to $5.6 million (American Dental Offices, PLLC serving Nassau & Suffolk Counties).  AHI’s budget of $891,000 is at the 41st percentile in the budget distribution.  Projected capital needs ranged from 0 to 1.18 billion (SUNY Downstate Medical Center), with an average of 94.9 million.  AHI’s capital estimate of $122,973,200 falls at the 73rd percentile in the distribution of capital needs. The source for proposal budget information is the summary posted by DOH here.