Community and Beneficiary Engagement

The AHI PPS (Performing Provider System) Community and Beneficiary Engagement Committee is comprised of representatives from community-based organizations, provider organizations and community members.

The Committee is charged with guiding the development and implementation of the Cultural Competency and Health Literacy, and Community Engagement Strategies for the AHI PPS. Its goal is to make certain community members from all sectors are represented in AHI PPS Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program projects.

The Community and Beneficiary Engagement Committee Charter details the Committee’s responsibilities, composition, meeting structure, decision making and reporting processes. The Cultural Competency and Health Literacy Strategy details the goals and objectives to address health disparities and promote the delivery of readily-accessible, culturally-competent care and services within in our nine-county coverage area. The Community Engagement Strategy is designed to promote community involvement in DSRIP initiatives.

Community and Beneficiary Engagement Committee Members

Meeting Materials